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15 призовых мест (500$ общий фонд)

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1 место - 100$
2 место - 60$
3 место - 55$
4 место - 40$
5 место - 30$
6 место - 25$
7 место - 25$
8 место - 23$
9 место - 22$
10 место - 20$
11 место - 20$
12 место - 20$
13 место - 20$
14 место - 20$
15 место - 20$

Розыгрыш пройдет при помощи генератора случайных репостов.
Победителей определим 15 мая 2017 года в 20.00 МСК и результаты розыгрыша опубликуем в группе.

Призы будут зачислены на депозит, с возможностью вывода прибыли в любое время и ПОЛНОЙ выплаты призового депозита в конце инвестиционного периода!

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Trust premier

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10 Apr 2017
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Video presentation of our company
In the video presentation we tried to talk about the nuances of working with our company and what...
07 Apr 2017
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07 Mar 2017
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The new Office of Sevastopol!
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08 Feb 2017
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Video presentation of our company

In the video presentation we tried to talk about the nuances of working with our company and what we offer in the framework of investment plans. The video will not take you much time and will give you a complete idea of the benefits of working with our company.

Enjoy watching.

For our foreign partners, the presentation video will be announced in English and Chinese in the near future. Follow the news.

TRUST PREMIER – Consumers Credit Union,
who is always ready to help everyone in dealing with financial issues!

For the first time, our union appeared in the credit and investment market in 2013. It was represented only by consolidation of a few professionals, who have honed skills in the new team, concurrently expanding their ranks. Documents for registration of the company were submitted yet in 2014!
TRUST PREMIER was officially registered as a legal entity at the beginning of 2015. It enabled to start full and efficient work.

We are pleased to welcome You on our official website, where You can find full information about our business. After reviewing it, You can get acquainted with provided warranty, our agreements, investment plans and other information, which will help You to draw conclusion about expediency of entering to our union.
This is the place where we will introduce for Your attention basic information, relating to work of our team. It will enable You to gain confidence in that we are not just “one more company among others”.

TRUST PREMIER – a team of professionals, trusting whom, you may rest assured in safeguard of your assets!

Reasons for setting up of CCU «TRUST PREMIER»

Union founders decided to set up our company by following the results of long analytical effort! After examining the condition of financial market, they came to the definite conclusions, which showed that:

● the population needs credits and loans under affordable terms
● robust tools for good investment will be sought
● economic conditions will give the opportunity to conduct income-generating trade at FOREX

Briefly about CCU team «TRUST PREMIER»

Every employee of TRUST PREMIER has an excellent professional qualifications and considerable experience of work in financial sector — banking or other specialized institutions. C-suite of our Union has unique experience of work! They have run the gamut from entry-level employees to top positions of senior executives of series banking institutions. Our senior executives

● perfectly know the financial market
● are able to keep track of the changes in process
● use their knowledge and skills to maximum effect for successful business operations
● guarantee to their depositors timely receipt of funds

If desired, you can take a closer look at the information, relating our company management on the corresponding page of our website, by clicking on this link. We have published information not only about c-suite of TRUST PREMIER, but also about company assets.

Advantages of CCU «TRUST PREMIER»

We sincerely believe that every person should have comprehensive information on

“Why shall one to place confidence in this union?”

We are pleased to inform you about advantages of TRUST PREMIER!
  • Official business
    All aspects of work of our Union are conducted in full concordance with legislation of Russian Federation.
  • Payments guarantee
    Legal support of investments is conducted strictly by the agreement, which is the guarantee of interest charge, as well as timely repayment of a principal.
  • Great choice of rates
    Desiring to make money with us, You can choose 1 from 3 investment programs, which are available at the present moment. They are of interest for both beginners and more experienced investors. We have special offers for our customers! These are VIP-packages, the terms of which are created in accordance with our customers preferences.
  • Investments assurance
    CCU «TRUST PREMIER» operates under the control of its own hedge (insurance) - Fund and on a mandatory basis every month allocates part of the proceeds to the insurance fund. By virtue of what each investment deposit is insured.
  • Publicity
    Information about assets of the company, as well as senior management is not a secret. We carry on open activities! Everyone who wishes can obtain any necessary information. If You have any questions, you can ask our consultants and receive irrefragable answers.
  • Profitability
    We conduct our activities in different areas of business, by pre-studying the direction, assessing risks and anticipated profit. For this very reason, business of TRUST PREMIER totally brings great income every month, part of which we use for payment of interest of our investors.
  • Steadiness
    We are diligently monitoring all areas of our, improving them according to current market situation.
  • Reliability
    Reliability of our union was not only time-proves, but also by a large number of investors, who receives regular income in accordance with the chosen investment plan.
  • Success
    Professional team, serious approach to business, wide range of business directions and trust of investors are guaranties of your success!
  • Unique methods
    All areas of our business activities are clearly distinguished. Using of assets hedging methods provides 100% protection for investments from potential risks.

Development of CCU «TRUST PREMIER»

Our Consumers Credit Union, comprising of professionals many years’ experience of business operations, is developing rapidly and ambitiously! Today we are able to offer our investors more and more favorable terms of collaboration. We are expanding our field of activity, by filling the new business niches!

Over a year ago, company management of TRUST PREMIER made a decision to launch a venture project, which is based on a trade in the FOREX market. This project was named as PREMIER ForexVentureCapitalInvestments (FXVCI).

The purpose of the project creation is to provide opportunity for investors receive earnings on more beneficial and interesting terms and conditions. Upon becoming a member of this project, every one of you can gain daily passive income!

You can find the details of work of PREMIER FXVCI here.

TRUST PREMIER — no funds, no purpose!
Increase funds!



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