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15 призовых мест (330$ общий фонд)

Для участия в розыгрыше необходимо сделать простые действия

Быть участником > <
Сделать репост данной записи к себе на страничку (со стены группы)
Не удалять пост до подведения итогов!

1 место - 100$
2 место - 50$
3 место - 25$
4 место - 20$
5 место - 20$
6 место - 15$
7 место - 15$
8 место - 13$
9 место - 12$
10 место - 10$
11 место - 10$
12 место - 10$
13 место - 10$
14 место - 10$
15 место - 10$

Розыгрыш пройдет при помощи генератора случайных репостов.
Победителей определим 31 марта 2017 года в 20.00 МСК и результаты розыгрыша опубликуем в группе.

Призы будут зачислены на депозит, с возможностью вывода прибыли в любое время и ПОЛНОЙ выплаты призового депозита в конце инвестиционного периода!

Trust premier

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Social responsibility

TRUST PREMIER is a Credit Consumers Union, every employee of which regardless of the position held, is aware of all the extent responsibility to any of the participants!
It means that we gear our professional competence to the full extent at solution of any raised issues and problems, regardless of the amount of made contribution and time of person being a member of our Union. Our team does its best in order to protect the investor by not only the agreement, but also by various additional considerations.

These include the following.

    1. Official registration

    Our Union was registered in the corresponding database in accordance with the applicable legislation. This makes it possible for every investor, in case of nonpayment of interest or failure to return deposit, to contact relevant government institution or apply to the court for solution of issue. We do our best in order to follow every clause of agreement. Our investors did not need, do not need and will not need to resolve issues through court actions.

    2. Professional competence of the team.

    We value our professional reputation very much! For that matter, we do our best, so that the membership in our Union brings every depositor only positive impressions and work of our team associates with the perfectly functioning system. Every participant of our Union, occupying any of the steps in its structure, is a professional, who perfectly knows and loves his/her business.

    3. Diversification of the business

    We realize that economics is an unsteady and unstable field. Which means that income level from any of the business sectors depends on considerable factors and can change. We run our business in a few unrelated directions, so that Union members can rest assured regarding issues of safeguard of assets and interest accrual, This is a guarantee of the maintenance of total income level, and therefore timely payments.

    4. Entry into SRO (Self-regulatory organization)

    Stay in SRO will provide deposit insurance for all the Union members. Regardless of economic and market situation, money of our depositors are effectively protected!

TRUST PREMIER – Credit Consumers Union, whose members do their best so that every member could generatethe maximum profit
from their membership in it!



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