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15 призовых мест (330$ общий фонд)

Для участия в розыгрыше необходимо сделать простые действия

Быть участником > <
Сделать репост данной записи к себе на страничку (со стены группы)
Не удалять пост до подведения итогов!

1 место - 100$
2 место - 50$
3 место - 25$
4 место - 20$
5 место - 20$
6 место - 15$
7 место - 15$
8 место - 13$
9 место - 12$
10 место - 10$
11 место - 10$
12 место - 10$
13 место - 10$
14 место - 10$
15 место - 10$

Розыгрыш пройдет при помощи генератора случайных репостов.
Победителей определим 31 марта 2017 года в 20.00 МСК и результаты розыгрыша опубликуем в группе.

Призы будут зачислены на депозит, с возможностью вывода прибыли в любое время и ПОЛНОЙ выплаты призового депозита в конце инвестиционного периода!

Trust premier

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Business structure

Organizational framework (from French — organisation (give orderly form) and from Latin — structura (construction, collocation and combination of components) – separation of economic units (enterprises, companies) into subdivisions and departments in order to regulate management, establish cooperation between them, responsibility and hierarchy.
Our organizational structure is focused on establishment of clear interconnections between subdivisions of CCU and responsibility allocation.

CCU structure has been often compared to the building frame of management system, built in order to carry out all operations in the firm on time.

Principal strategic directions of Credit Customers Union “Trust-Premier” are

● Agricultural industry
● Real estate
● Venture capital investments

Agricultural sector

Our Union is engaged in the development and support of the agricultural sector. It is referred to rehabilitation of lands with their further utilization for seeding and harvesting in the regions and small towns of Russia.

Rehabilitation of lands is the package of works, directed to rehabilitation of productivity and national economic value of disturbed lands and improvement of environment conditions.

We believe that this is a very important sector, as it is directed to improvement and rehabilitation of lands for their further utilization in agricultural industry. Great number of government institutions support and intensively assist us in development.

Real estate

Members of CCU “Trust-Premier” have an opportunity to obtain personal property within 2 years. This is the land for individual residential facility or apartment, located in different districts of the city, suburb of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region, as well as Moscow and the Moscow region.

We tend not to burden members of our Union with debt obligations, thus we arrange taking out loans from shares or investment decisions of our CCU. This allows all members to have every confidence that their apartment is built without risks.

We assume all faintest risks! Unless and until a building has been put in commission, members of our Union peacefully redeem or receive their flats in parts.

For our clients not to become deceived shareholders, the Union undertakes all the debt service obligations, which were incurred by members of our Union. We also render a service for payments of already existing loan balances It has been done by means of asset turnover of our venture project – private investment club PREMIER ForexVentureCapitalInvestments (FXVCI).

Venture capital investments

The third business area of our Union are venture investments PREMIER ForexVentureCapitalInvestments (FXVCI). This is the private investment club, which is open for members of our Union, as well as friends and acquaintances with the unique contract reference number.

We have organized the Private Investment Club with the purpose of limiting the undesirable asset flow. This allows us to conduct purposeful and well-balanced profit distribution between our partnering members in the current economic climate. In return, Union members can fully communicate, sharing important information.

Oil refineries (OR)

The forth business area of our Union is cooperation with oil refineries (OR) in the development of pollution-free fuel, the use of which minimizes air emissions.


The fifth business area of our Union is production of metal hardware and accessories for construction companies and garment industry in Moscow and Perm regions.

CCU “Trust-Premier” – professional approach
to work!



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